Why Being Consistent Is So Hard?

What does it mean to be consistent?

Why so hard?

  1. Lack of patience-In todays world people want instant results .But you have to understand that every good thing takes time.You might have seen on youTube that learn english speaking in 7 days or in some days.But it’s not possible because it is a continuous process. It requires consistent efforts.
  2. Desire for instant Gratification-Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment.Waiting is hard, and there is an innate desire to have what we want when we want it, which is usually without any delay.
  3. Lack of clarity and focus- People don’t have clear and empowering goals.They don’t have strong Why?. And because of that they lack focus.
  4. Not having supporting habits or triggers- It is said that,”You should have the habits of a person you want to become”.Your habits decides your future ,so choose your habits carefully.
  5. Having a “all or nothing” mindset- All-or-nothing thinking refers to thinking in extremes. You are either a success or a failure. If you are not perfect, then you are a failure. This binary way of thinking can be responsible for a great deal of negative evaluations of yourself and others.




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Shreya Dake

Shreya Dake

Aspire to Inspire

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